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This is Different
    I wake up naked on a cold metal table in a dark room. My wrists, ankles and head are strapped down, and I've got a gag in my mouth. This is a dangerously familiar situation, but a different location and I don't know who's caught me this time. I can hear a door swing open, and someone approach with slow, heavy footsteps. I begin wiggling, trying to free myself out of instinct, and a cold hand presses my chest down, holding me still. I stop moving as the hand leaves and I feel whoever it is poking around my rear. I gasp as something long and cold is inserted, and something is turned on. 
    I bite my lip as cold air rushes into me, and once more I move around, now trying to dislodge what is apparently a hose. Once more a hand is pressed onto my chest, a silent order to stop. I frantically try to see whose hand it is, but can't. My stomach grows increasingly tight, and I glance down to see it beginning to swell. Panic rushes through me as
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Night Pump by belly577 Night Pump :iconbelly577:belly577 57 1
Thirsty Bet
"Ummm, Corona, I'm not sure if this is a good idea."
"But come on Edd, you promised!"
"Yea, but..."
"Come on Edd! Please!!!!!"
Noticing the pleading look on his friend's face, the older male sighed and stared at the contents laid out in front of him: 10 gallons of water in seperate jugs and a funnel. Honestly though, he shouldn't have agreed to it. Earlier in the week, he may have made a bet with Corona that he would drink up anything and all of it. Too which Corona took with consideration and told him to come over today to test that bet. Now he was wishing he took it back.
"Edd, look, if you don't want to continue I understand..."
Edd looked at her, but putting on a confidence face, puffed his chest and picked up a gallon.
"N-n-no! I can do this! Lets go!"
Edd went towards a chair in the lone room and sitting down, placed the funnel into his mouth. Corona picked the gallon and taking some rope, tied both of Edd's hands together. Edd looked at her in confusion until she explained
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Blue Bullet and the D'Nadrii Queen
Blue Bullet and the D'Nadrii Queen
By Belly577
Chapter 4
With a clunk all the manacles released. Cautiously Blue Bullet sat up, rubbing his sore wrists.
"Are you sure about this Amber? We restrained him because he might still have some of his special abilities." Gormauld took a step back.
"Oh Gormy. If he still had powers, why hasn't he used them eh? Besides, we all want the same thing don't we? To save those Vyteks? He won't do anything to endanger them, and cattle always fatten nicer when they're free range." Amber winked at Blue Bullet. He tried not to shiver. One way or another it seemed that the queen would get her trophy, regardless of who she got to do the deed. Chrissie and Gary helped him down from the table, their ripped, steely bodies a stark contrast to his own. He tried to cover himself.
"Oh Blue, don't be shy. We're all grownups here." She stepped closer, standing a couple of inches taller than he was, looking him up and down in the same way he imagined she inspect
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Blue Bullet and the D'Nadrii Queen
Blue Bullet and the D'Nadrii Queen
By Belly577
Chapter 3
He belly-flopped the water with a splash, making a noise not dissimilar to a large beach ball. He also floated like one too, much to his relief. It was dark and he could barely make out his surroundings, but he appeared to be in a dark tube not much wider than his body. His fingers brushed the glassy walls as he slowly rotated around. Then his belly gurgled. He burped.
Above him something moved. Blue Bullet tried to crane his head to see what it was, but without a neck it was impossible. There was more movement above.
"Hello? Who's there?" Something snaked down and slapped against his back. He winced, hoping he wasn't about to be fed another length of tuber. Something else landed lightly on his back, then another pushing him slightly down in the water. As they began to move around he realized that he had a couple of D'Nadri his back. Slowly they maneuvered him around with their feet, like a couple of tiny lumberjacks on a
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Blue Bullet and the D'Nadrii Queen
Blue Bullet and the D'Nadrii Queen
By Belly 577
Chapter 2
Blue Bullet could feel that something wasn't right when awoke. He was naked (except for the globular manacles) and back in his cell laying on a circular bed in the centre. The lights were on. He felt sore all over. Tentatively he touched his still swollen belly, almost as if it might bite him. It didn't, and he relaxed rubbing it soothingly. Then he stopped,  slowly raising his hand towards his face. His fingers seemed slightly thicker, but smoother with no creases on his knuckles or the palms of his hand. He inspected the other, it was the same. Almost instinctively he reached up to inspect his face. It felt different. He struggled off the bed and moved to the panel to look at his reflection. Staring back at him was a softer, rounder face. His formerly chiselled features and classic heroic looks were gone, as were any lines or creases. He still had an attractive face, but looked plumper and younger.
"What's happened
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Blue Bullet and the D'Nadrii Queen
Blue Bullet and the D'Nadrii Queen
By Belly 577
Chapter 1
Blue Bullet awoke in his prison cell. It was a light grey room with padded walls and floor, not dissimilar to the interior of a spaceship. He lay on his back in the middle, starring up at a featureless light panel above him. He tried to roll himself over, by flapping his hands and feet and jerking his head to the side, but he was held solidly. He let out an exasperated gasp, and tried to get a good look at the rest of the room, but most of it was obscured by the big, sphere that used to be his body. He slapped his hands against his sides in annoyance, only to pause and slowly do it again.
Twisting his head he could see not just his fingertips, but his hands, wrists and the now baggy sleeve of his costume. He was slowly deflating!
"UUUUURP!" He belched unexpectedly. Then again, both louder and longer. He tried again, all manners forgotten, managing the longest belch he'd ever heard. He couldn't be sure, but it was if the p
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Welcome To Nuka-World! by Snow-chanDA
Mature content
Welcome To Nuka-World! :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 593 78
[ART TRADE] Mentos and Fizz Pop Experiment by Snow-chanDA [ART TRADE] Mentos and Fizz Pop Experiment :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,150 110
Mature content
DMMD: Rigged Game :iconfoolishreplicka:FoolishReplicka 33 14
FANDOM: Original
THEME: Inflation (Unisex)
STARRING: You! ... No, seriously. ... ... Uh.
The following writing contains inflation, bursting, and squeezing. If
you have a problem with that, I'll advise you look elsewhere; if you
insist on having a problem please call me at 1-800-SRS-BSNS and I will
address your qualm personally.
Sometimes I have to stop and think; despite believing I exist
for my own selfish desires, there are times where even a monster the
likes of me has to reflect. You can't avoid mirrors forever, you know -
especially when you're the mind behind so many different people who
originate from so many different histories that your own shrinks in
significance. I'm a slave to my desires and I wouldn't dare change a
formula with such wonderful results, though sometimes one has to realize
the futility of it all.
When your audience is people who are as
equally shadowy and hidden as you are, it
:iconfoolishreplicka:FoolishReplicka 54 16
(RP) Drinking Buddies
"It's almost closing time, you know," Aedei drums his fingers against his empty glass. "You got somewhere to go?" He looks over the rim of his glasses to the man next to him, curious.
Shrugging his shoulders the slender man focuses on the last of his drink, clearly looking to drown his sorrows. "I got a home to go back to sure, albeit a lonely one." He grins nervously and brushes his scraggy fringe away to reveal a pair of dark brown eyes. "Would you believe me if I told you I come here for the company? As well as the booze."
"Most people do. That's predictable." The redhead offers his partner a little smirk before lifting up and getting to his feet. He offers the man his hand, brows lifted. "Come on. I'll take you home. We'll see about this loneliness nonsense, yah?" His eyes twinkle a tad, smirking, the piercings on his lips shining a bit.
 "S-sure! That'd be nice I guess. This town is dangerous this time of night anyhow." He smiles thankfully and eases himself up off the stool,
:iconfoolishreplicka:FoolishReplicka 56 16
Horoscope series .:Leo:. by sakimichan Horoscope series .:Leo:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,550 479 Horoscope series .:Gemini:. by sakimichan Horoscope series .:Gemini:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 18,437 463 Horoscope series .:Pisces:. by sakimichan Horoscope series .:Pisces:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 31,129 807 Horoscope series .Scorpio. by sakimichan Horoscope series .Scorpio. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 22,886 815


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